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I believe that each one of us is unique due to our interests, experiences and background. I also feel that everyone should try to find the best way to express and share their views and values with the world. For me, photography seems to be the best medium.

I have been doing photography since the mid-70's. I did a lot in the 70's & 80's, with 35mm film cameras (Pentax & Olympus). Then there was a lull until I got a digital camera around 2005. I still have film cameras, but rarely use them, although that's on my To Do list. I am currently using Olympus cameras.

I tend to use photography as a excuse to do the things I like – travel, observe nature, people and landscapes – and to show what I value. I am currently striving to improve my creativity, and photography is my creative outlet. I'm also working to learn how to use all the wonderful features of the modern digital cameras. One huge advantage of digital is that the feedback is immediate and experimentation is almost free – much easier than the old film days.

I had a career as an engineer that allowed me to live in England, work with people from around the world, help clients in Europe and South America, and see half of the world. I learned a lot from the international travel, most importantly that doing things differently can be the best option for a particular situation. Being comfortably retired, I plan to do what I like and see if anyone else likes what I do.

Photography, like many other arts, is a non-verbal medium, so being at a loss for words is not an obstacle to communication. That communication is also unique, because the message each viewer receives will be unique, due to the viewer's background. So the photographer (or any other artist) must do their best to craft their message, put it out in the world, and hope for the best. That's my goal for this website. I hope you enjoy and value my work.  

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